Pamella Horton

Co-Founder/Chief Enhancement Officer/Employee Engagement Specialist

In today’s business environment it is well known employee engagement, loyalty, recruitment, retention, morale, productivity and work life balance are in decline while insurance claims and absenteeism are on the rise.

Employers will continue to face these issues unless and until they together with their employees, their internal clients, and address the root cause of these corporate challenges.

We’ve been trained and conditioned to live outside of our means, overextend ourselves in multiple areas of life plus continue to chase unhealthy attributes set by society and it is all at a hefty price.  Company’s pay dearly monetarily as do their employees, but employees also "pay" thru their lifestyle diseases, high levels of stress and dependency on medications which ripple out to their families and communities.

Employees' overwhelming amount of stress either self induced or culturally nurtured results in 1 or more types of bankruptcy - emotional, physical, financial and/or spiritual.  These “bankruptcies” are a major contributor to employee burnout, the biggest threat to building an engaged, happy, healthy and productive workforce.

This is WHY we founded Maven’s Connections in 2011.  We help employers and employees address these concerns together by providing highly impactful, results oriented programs that enhance the culture and bottom line of an organization along with the employee’s and their family’s lives and community.

Pamella Horton, Co-Founder of Maven’s Connections, has had an affinity for the Human Resource Industry, Organizational Development and overall well-being. She has helped 1000’s of people achieve work life balance and live happier, healthier more productive lives.  Pamella bridges the gap between a mediocre work experience for employees and employers to an extraordinary experience.

An employee benefit, organizational development and engagement Maven, Pamella’s expertise and experience highlights that the traditional employee benefits offered are validated resources, but without addressing safely, non invasively, honestly and objectively, the root causes, for the challenges that corporations face we are merely putting a bandaid on a wound that will remain fresh and troublesome for the employer and the employee.

Maven’s programs are steeped in science; Positive Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Rapid Transformational Therapy.  Science that merges with the heartbeat of a company for a safer, happier, healthier, more engaged and productive environment.