13 Empowering Steps To Handle A Business Break Up

In business sometimes partnerships end on a sour note. If you’ve experienced this, Congratulations! – For there is no better education or experience!

While confusing, perhaps painful, frustrating and expensive it is all for the betterment of YOU, your family, purpose and life’s work. I invite you to look at it from the point of view as an investment in your personal, professional and even spiritual development.

In the grand scheme of things, these experiences are a tiny blip on the radar, to serve as an opportunity to practice being the best version of you.

The experience brings about even more clarity, conviction, compassion, drive and success. While there are many definitions of success your definition will be a guiding post for you through these lessons. My personal definition of success is when I think, speak and act congruently.

When the truth of a situation is revealed within a business partnership & when you become aware that …

  • “Things” no longer add up
  • Numbers begin to tell a different story than what was first shared
  • You partner’s personality is no longer congruent with what they profess
  • Your partner’s interactions with others leaves you feeling “icky” and embarrassed
  • Sound advice and suggestions are blatantly ignored
  • Your partner talks poorly about past & present partners
  • There is a lack of appreciation and a sense of entitlement
  • The overall direction and function of their company becomes disorganized and begins to change frequently
  • Scapegoating, bullying, and slander are used as defense mechanisms
  • Leadership lacks accountability

You may be left scratching your head and question yourself as to why this happened in the first place? You may hear yourself say, “I know better.” “My judge of character is spot on.” How did I find myself in the situation to begin with?” – A situation you want to leave the minute you realize things aren’t what you thought.

Below are 13 steps to consider to resolve and move past the situation 

from a place of integrity and with dignity. 

  1.  Remain Relaxed  “Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are.” Chinese Proverb Trust that the way you conduct yourself and trust that your track record speaks for itself. Trust in YOU and your consistent integrity. Understand that what people sow, they will also reap.
  2. Have faith in God’s plan for you. It is bigger than you think and He will not mislead you. Every scenario is training. Turn the burden over to your Higher Power and trust that it will be taken care of quickly and with grace and ease.
  3. Do NOT take it personally. Other people’s actions and words have to do with their own internal dialogue, not you.
  4. Forgive yourself. If you knew the truth of the situation in the first place you never would have chosen it. Forgive the other party. Holding onto anything other than forgiveness will delay any possibilities that are waiting to elevate you to the next level.
  5. Sever the relationship. We are who we hang out with, period. We are only as good as our word in life and in business. People who conduct themselves in less honorable ways tend be desperate, an ingredient that does not mix well with success and sustainability. All industries are small and word travels like wildfire.
  6. Allow yourself to mourn your loss. Express yourself in a safe space with people whom you have absolute faith and trust in and who return that faith and trust. Let it all out, with grace and compassion.
  7. Use a creative outlet to release the negativity of it. Dance, practice yoga, clap your hands, paint, write about it – do something to break up and release the energy of the exchange. Sounds trite, but is super effective!
  8. Focus on gratitude for the valuable lesson you learned. When you are able to bring yourself to a state of gratitude, it pays you in dividends.
  9. Inform all parties involved of your choice to sever the relationship. Remain in integrity and take the high road. A simple, “we are no longer in alignment, or “I do not agree with the direction that the company is moving in” is sufficient
  10. Refrain from bad mouthing or putting the company and leadership in a bad light. The truth usually has a brilliant way of revealing itself and all in Divine time.
  11. BE true to you. Be open. Allow the remarkable possibilities that often present themselves AFTER we release something that is no longer in alignment with our core values. This is when we receive true fortune and blessings. The “stars seem to align” for bigger and greater things.
  12. BE at peace with your decisions and bless them, the circumstances and yourself a success!
  13. Celebrate the next chapter of your life!

Partnerships are forged and are broken. It is part of our evolution. Continue to be of service and operate with a pure heart. Do not compromise your values and you will be handsomely rewarded.

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